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ColDatum Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void checkFactorType ()
 ColDatum (const ColDatum &datum)
double getDateRCode ()
RcppDatetime getDatetimeValue ()
RcppDate getDateValue ()
double getDoubleValue ()
int getFactorLevel ()
std::string getFactorLevelName ()
std::string * getFactorLevelNames ()
int getFactorNumLevels ()
int getIntValue ()
int getLogicalValue ()
std::string getStringValue ()
ColType getType () const
void setDatetimeValue (RcppDatetime datetime)
void setDateValue (RcppDate date)
void setDoubleValue (double val)
void setFactorValue (std::string *names, int numNames, int factorLevel)
void setIntValue (int val)
void setLogicalValue (int val)
void setStringValue (std::string val)

Private Attributes

RcppDate d
int i
int level
std::string * levelNames
int numLevels
std::string s
ColType type
double x

Detailed Description

Definition at line 170 of file Rcpp.h.

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